Quick Facts

  • Served as the law office to Steven S. Jones, first attorney in the Fox Valley area.
  • Constructed approx 1843 
  • Steven S. Jones is credited for naming St. Charles.
  • Served as a holding cell for deserters during the Civil War


   In mid 1838 Steven S. Jones arrived in Charleston Illinois (the original name of St. Charles). He was the first attorney in the Fox Valley. In 1839, Jones brought to the founders' attention that there already was a town called Charleston in southern Illinois. He made the suggestion to call the settlement St. Charles.

   Jones purchased the property on the Northeast corner of 5th Ave and Main St. on April 8, 1843. A small 14X18 structure was added shortly after. That structure was Jone's law office. It is believed the porch was added in 1860. During the Civil War the Law Office served as a holding cell for war deserters.  

   Some think that the 14X18 structure could actually be the original Kane County Court House that was abandoned in 1843 after the new court house was constructed. No one seems to know what happened to that structure and the descriptions of both of those buildings are very similar, but there is no proof that they are one in the same. 

   In 1987 Jane Dunham had the building relocated to the Dunham Hunt Museum at 304 Cedar Ave. It remained there until the Museum closed and was sold and restored back to a single family home. On August 26, 2014, the City of St. Charles moved the Jones Law Office to Camp Kane.      

   The Camp Kane Heritage Foundation is thrilled to have the addition of the Jones Law Office to Camp Kane. Restoration of the building needs to begin immediately and continual maintenance needs to occur in the future.

   Although most of the time you will not be able to enter the building you can see in from the windows. If you look through the window on the north side of the building, you will see a section of the south wall that is not painted over. That section actually shows some graffiti that was done by soldiers who deserted, were captured and were held at the Law Office.  

​   On April 20, 2015 the St. Charles City Council officially landmarked the Jones Law Office. This status will project this building ensuring it will be around for many future generations.  

   Historic signage will placed by the Law Office that will tell of the building's significance. The City of St. Charles is currently working to landmark the structure to insure it will be protected in the future.

   We encourage you to stop out and view the Jones Law Office, visit the Camp Kane Memorial, have a picnic, bring a kite or fishing pole, learn a little history and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Camp Kane holds. 

   To help maintain the Jones Law Office and Camp Kane, help develop the Camp Kane Learning Campus and the creation of educational programs please make a donation to the Camp Kane Heritage Foundation